Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Why I am not a complete right wing convert...

I am a fan of Malkin (to be candid, because I find her incredibly attractive), Jay Severin, and various other conservatives.
I find Hannity and Ingraham to be nothing more than GOP radio with an occasional good point. How stupid can people be to think that those two are objective? However, I do listen to both of them on occasion.

Sometimes it is hard to recognize that I am not a complete convert to the conservative party. But occasionally things happen that remind me there is more to this world than meets the eye.

I guess I am an environmental/somewhat socially progressive, conservative. Hmm... what party would that be...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Spin on this...

the bad news: The sun, you may realize, is a burning ball of energy. Eventually it will burn itself up and come to an end. Our planet, and everything on it, will be incinerated. All the struggles of life, petty and noble - all of the hopes and dreams of our ancestors, ourselves, and our descendants - all the skinned knees of childhood and lonely memories of old age - all will become less than ash. And long beyond those fiery days, tens of billions of years hence once the universe has fully expanded, even as a fired shot will eventually fall to the ground, all will become still... and cold... and silent. This and other theories exist. What likely remains sure is we will, as a species, cease to exist.

the good news: You have today. Stop your damn whining and worrying. Do something to make yourself smile... better yet, do something to make yourself and anyone nearby laugh until your stomach hurts - don't worry about what other people think because it truly doesn't matter. Then eat good food - get something fattening, you can run it off tomorrow. Throw 10 bucks out your car window in a busy parking lot - make someone's day. Make time for the people you love. Make love to your wife. Then sleep and do something like that again tomorrow. You and I wont be around when the presently safe, warming, sun comes knock, knock, knockin'.